Can you give me 3 questions you wish your board would ask of you in the board meeting?

What classic reports do you always use at the board meeting?

The questions on this website are frequently asked questions posed by credit union board members to their management team. Understanding the numbers is only part of the process. These questions will help determine whether your staff has analyzed the numbers and devised a strategy to move the credit union towards better returns.

Credit Union Board Directors should use this site to make sure they are asking the right questions and are engaged in the board meeting.

Credit Union CEOs and Management should use this site to make sure they are answering the right questions and prepared for an interactive board meeting.

Each section focuses on a different segment of the board meeting.  Throughout the meeting, these general questions should be kept in mind and posed when appropriate.

  1. Have we been presented with all the information ahead of time?
  2. What are other credit unions in the area doing to be successful?
  3. What are the current industry trends?
  4.  How does our performance compare to regional and national credit unions with a similar asset size?
  5. How does our performance compare with previous years? Are we trending up or down?